Irrigation System Installation

A properly functioning, efficient irrigation system is vital to the health of any lawn and landscape. Using the latest technology, including wifi and apps to monitor your system, we can deliver water to all areas of your property in just the right amount, with little to no water waste. Our irrigation design and install experts pride themselves on installing a system that is cost effective and easy to use, right from an app on your phone!

With a professionally installed system by Shorehaven Landscape, you can be sure that we will install the correct equipment from large water disbursing lawn heads to drip lines around your shrubs, delivering accurate amounts of water to your lawn and gardens. Never again will you have to drag garden hoses and sprinklers around your yard with an irrigation system designed and installed by Shorehaven Landscape. Each new system installed comes backed by a 2 year warranty.

We also provide repairs and service to existing irrigation systems. Whether it is a new home you purchased that came with an existing system that isn't working or needs upgrading, our service techs can diagnose and fix all issues.

All irrigation systems in CT need to be winterized before the temperatures drop below freezing to prevent water left in the system from freezing and causing damage. Our techs will come out, and professionally winterize your irrigation system, ensuring that your investment is ready for next season. In the spring time, we will open your system, slowly letting water back into it and testing all zones and heads for proper function.